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The type of building material that you choose for your home will have a huge impact on the type of structure that you can create, its features and even your monthly energy bills. When choosing between traditional building materials and newer innovations such as structural insulated panels, you should carefully consider the properties of each type.

Traditional Materials


Traditional Building Materials- Brick House Example

Traditional Brick Home

Stone and Brick

Stone and brick are both examples of traditional building materials, and they’re used for many different types of buildings. Many construction companies are familiar with these materials, which can make finding a quality contractor relatively straightforward.

However, both stone and brick can be quite costly to build with. They are bulky and difficult to transport; and unlike prefab materials, they will have to be fully constructed onsite. This will make your build more dependent on factors such as the weather. These building materials also tend to be poor insulators, which means more expensive energy bills and a larger impact on the environment.

Concrete Blocks

Building with concrete is popular due to its strength and its resistance to mould and fire. However, home designs can often be unattractive due to the nature of the material, and its insulation can be poor.


Modern Building Solutions

A recent project using SIPs

Completed SIPs home

Structural insulated panels are a type of modern building material, and they are becoming increasingly popular across the UK. SIPs consist of an insulating foam core, sandwiched between two structural facings which are often made from oriented strand board (OSB). These panels are strong, cost-effective and energy efficient, as well as being versatile in terms of the type of structure they can be used to produce.

At [email protected], we have been tasked with building everything from outdoor retreats to activity centres. Residential projects are also very popular, and we often help customers with self-builds and home extensions.


Properties of SIPs

Some of the properties of SIPs building materials include:

  • Insulation – the insulated core of SIPs panels and their airtight construction means your home will have fewer cold spots and even-heating. It also means that in many cases, no further insulation is needed. This results in less expenditure and less work for the construction team. This ready-made design is also a cleaner option than insulating the structure during construction. The longevity of SIPs also means that these insulation properties will last for the lifespan of the building.
  • Prefabricated Design – as SIPs are pre-cut in a controlled factory environment, they can be precision-made to your exact specifications. This also means that there will be a lot less waste when they arrive onsite, as most excess will be removed in the factory. This makes the job much tidier than if traditional building materials were used.
  • Energy Consumption – SIPs made from the Kingspan TEK Building System focus on reducing your energy consumption (and your impact on the environment). Excellent heat retention is at the core of the material’s design, meaning that a SIPs home will require much less heating than traditional building materials.
  • Compact Design –  the strength and structure of SIPs removes the need for roof trusses. This allows you to create an extra room in the attic to really make the most of your build. SIPs can also create more floor space than traditional building materials, as the compact nature of their insulation means more internal space can be achieved with the same external dimensions.
  • Aesthetics –  SIPs are an attractive building material, however you can also change their appearance with external cladding options including masonry and timber.


Why Choose SIPs?

The properties of SIPs mean there are many advantages of using them for a new building. The environmental benefits, alongside savings on your energy bills, are good enough reasons alone.

Alongside this, the versatility and strength of the panels means you can include stunning cantilevered effects, high ceilings and more. The potential is almost limitless, so you can truly create the home of your dreams.

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