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Modern methods of construction use innovative new building techniques and materials, designed to improve building times, save energy consumption and reduce bills. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are an excellent example of a modern construction method, and high-quality structures can often be erected using SIPs in a matter of days.

time saving construction of a SIPs home in Liss

SIPs Home in Liss


What Are Time-Saving Construction Methods?

For a long time, we have been working towards developing a fast building technique that doesn’t compromise on quality or structural integrity. The arrival of modern methods of construction have allowed for this to become a reality. Prefabricated materials are now available, designed for the fast construction of high quality buildings that can withstand the elements.

Prefab construction involves components of the build being made in a factory environment, before being transported to the site. Quality control is strict, and processes are not dependent on the weather. Prefabricated materials include panelised systems, volumetric construction and pods for a faster build time.


SIPs for Modern Construction

A structural insulated panel is one of the most versatile and advanced modern building materials. It is constructed from an insulated core which is often made from polyurethane or expanded polystyrene.

[email protected] use the Kingspan TEK Building System, featuring a core made from high performance, fibre-free rigid urethane insulation. This will offer superior insulation to SIPs that use polystyrene. The material is coated in two parallel exterior strips of oriented strand board (OSB). The results are a lightweight, strong design that is easy to transport and erect.

Structural insulated panels are arguably the most versatile modern building technique. They can be used for walls, floors or in roof construction; with benefits including their superior air tightness, insulation and structural strength. They can even be used to create bold and specialised designs, such as the cantilevered structure of this Strathblane home.

time saving construction techniques - SIPs Example

Time-Saving Construction with SIPs


Benefits of Modern Construction Methods

Alongside the speed of their construction, some advantages of using modern building techniques include:

Insulation – by keeping your home naturally warmer in winter and cooler in the summer, modern building techniques will result in your lifestyle being more comfortable and reduce your need to use heating.

Lower bills – if a home is well-insulated, it won’t require as much energy to warm or cool when required.  This will result in lower heating and air conditioning bills. At a time when the cost of energy is continually rising, this makes modern building techniques a sensible option.

Better for the environment– As well as saving money and helping to maintain the temperature of your home, modern building techniques and materials are better for the environment as they result in fewer emissions. If you combine this with some additional energy-saving features, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. This has been the case for many of our projects, such as building the Laches Wood Activity Centre and dormitory.

Contact the [email protected] team if you think that your building project could benefit from modern building techniques such as SIPs. Alternatively, learn more about what we do by browsing through our case studies.