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Eco Home Design

One of the main benefits of building a home from scratch, especially with the modern materials that are available, is that you can make it far more green than if you tried to upgrade an older home. The environmental advantages of designing your own eco friendly house mean that you can choose the materials and features that will best suit your preferences and your build, and you will also have full control over the way that your finished home will look.


Top Tips For Building An Eco Friendly Home

Green home designs from SIPS@ClaysWhen it comes to an eco home design, there are many solutions available to make your build more sustainable. These include:

–          Structural Insulated Panels – considered to be the future of building techniques, these panels are made up of a core of insulated material which is sandwiched between layers of structural board. They are versatile, quick to construct, they have a great range of eco friendly benefits and they can also free up living space in the home. This method avoids the traditional issues associated with packing walls with insulation, which often happens after construction.

–          Glazing – your windows are an important part of designing your eco home. As they are thinner and they don’t contain insulation like your walls, a lot of heat can escape through them. Reap the benefits of double-glazing, which could result in a £135 saving per year compared to single glazing when applied to every window in your home. Although double or triple glazing is a substantial investment, it will help to reduce your heating bills for long-term savings.

–          Doors – choose eco friendly wood for your doors and avoid designs with windows or thin panelling to prevent additional heat from being lost. The more durable your door is, the less likely it is that it will lose energy. You could also consider the source of the wood, as some types may come from unsustainable sources.

–          Paint – use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint when you are decorating in order to protect the environment and those living in the home. Choosing subtle colours when used in an exterior capacity can also benefit the environment by blending in and reducing visual pollution.

–          Renewable Energy – one hugely important feature of an eco friendly home is using renewable energy while limiting the use of fossil fuels. Solar energy is a sustainable source, and adding solar panels is a cost-effective solution to apply to both new and existing homes. If you benefit from a large outdoor space, you could also consider investing in a small wind turbine to power your house.

What Is Most Important About Eco Home Design

When it comes to designing your own eco friendly home, it is important that you choose something that is appropriate for the needs of both you and your family. Having reduced energy costs and being more environmentally friendly through the means of eco home design is important; and it can also significantly reduce your cost of living.

To discuss whether structural insulated panels are suitable for your home design and to learn more about their benefits, please get in touch with our expert team today.